Whether it is a proposal or a mind, do this Valentine's Week! The best message

Speak your mind to your loved ones this week. This opportunity will not come again. Find out some of the best messages.

New Update


BY A STAFF REPORTER: Valentine's Week started with Rose Day. The romantic week, which started on February 7, will end on February 14 with Valentine's Day. This whole week is special for couples. If you want to express your feelings then this is the right time for it. Express your love through these messages-

1. "Beyond the boundaries of life and death,

My friend, stand up." 

2. From the day I saw you, I was born again. My birth is only for you...

3. You have no choice in my life just as there is no substitute for breathing.

4. We have always held each other's hands, good and bad,

Happy Valentine's Day.