Sergio Rico

Sports- Former Fulham goalkeeper Sergio Rico is expected to be released from hospital after being there from May after a horse related accident.

15 Aug 2023

Sergio Rico to be released from Hospital

By Avideep Nandi Majumdar

PSG goalkeeper Sergio Rico is said to be released from hospital after spending nearly 3 months over there following an accident where he was hit by a mule cart and runaway horse. This incident had occured while he was on a pilgrimage to Spain. He was immidiately rushed to the hospital, and has been there since. Following the incident, he had recieved tribute from PSG on their last game of last season where they wore jerseys with his name and had his name printed on back. During Europa League final, Sevilla also played tribute to him as they won against Roma. His former side Mallorca also paid tribute and wished for his quick and speedy recovery.