Everton poor start

Sports-Everton fc has made a poor start to the premier league campaign as they have secured only 1 point from 4 games so far this season of 2023-24.

16 Sep 2023

Everton make a poor start to the campaign, again

By Avideep Nandi Majumdar

Mersyside unit Everton have made a poor start to the campaign again as they have lost 3 games out of 4 and have scored only 2 goals this season, besides conceding 6 goals. In their 2 home games, they have not been poor, however they have missed easy oppurtunities to score. Hence their loss can be categorised as due to profilgacy as the opponents- Fulham and Wolverhampton Wanderers have both claimed smash and grab victories. In their first away game, they were ripped to shreads as they lost 4-0 to Aston Villa. In their fourth game, they finally managed to open their account in a 2-2 draw at Sheffield United. With 34 games still to go, it is to be seen whether they can avoid relegation in last stages or will time be up for Everton.