Today's generation also coming forward to protect wetland! WBPCB Member Secretary is happy

Workshop and model exhibition organized to raise awareness among future generations about wetland management and conservation.

Anusmita Bhattacharya
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By a staff reporter: A workshop cum model exhibition was organized by West Bengal Pollution Control Board in collaboration with the Department of Environment,  Government of West Bengal  on 25th January '24.

Dr.Rajesh Kumar, Member Secretary , West Bengal Pollution Control Board stated that WBPCB is celebrating Wetland Conservation week and the main purpose is to spread awareness among the future generation regarding environment, wetland management and conservation.

He also added that today's generation needs to understand the importance of wetland management and conservation, and also the steps required to be taken to protect the wetlands should be known to them. Dr. Kumar was happy to learn that the participating students has exhibited various models made out of their creativity to protect the wetland. In the workshop, it was explained to the students how WBPCB is working towards management and conservation of wetland, how important it is to conserve the wetland to safeguard the climate and ecology of the entire state, how wetlands are acting as 'Kidney of Kolkata' .

Dr.Kumar also added that to take immediate action against farmers who practices stubble burning which causes air pollution contributing to degradation of air quality, GIS Lab has been installed which detects fire incidents in the locality. Such incidents are then informed to local Police Stations,BDOs,SPs and DMs who takes immediate actions and in severe cases penal actions are imposed.

Dr. Kumar concluded by giving his message to the society to come forward and join hands with West Bengal Pollution Control Board to reduce and control environmental degradation.