Villagers yearn for medical facilities in Sahebkhali in Hingalgunj

Sahebkhali village is a beautiful island in West Bengal, India. Know how the people are there.

Probha Rani Das
New Update

By Munmun Saha in Sahebkhali: Dusty uneven roads. They are so narrow that only one car can pass. There are not enough medical facilities. Children go to school but there are no teachers. Welcome to Sahebkhali in Hingalganj. Elections come and go, assembly and Lok Sabha polls and political colours change but there has been no difference in the state of affairs of one of the most remote and backward areas of West Bengal. The only hospital in the area, according to local villagers, is almost non-existent. ANM News travelled to Sahebkhali and spoke to a villager to get a feel of the ground situation. One can see Bangladesh from Sahebkhali on the other side of the Kalindi river which separates the two countries. There are regular cross over from Bangladesh and many have come and settled down in the border villages in Sahebkhali and other surrounding areas in Hingalganj and Sandeshkhali.