"Trinamool Candidate Saayoni Hurts Hindu Religious Sentiments"

Trinamool Candidate Saayoni Hurts Hindu Religious Sentiments, BJP Incites Controversy Over Lord Shiva's Ugly Post.

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By a Staff Reporter: Youth leader Saayoni Ghosh has been nominated for the Lok Sabha elections from Jadavpur constituency on behalf of Trinamool. This time the Bengal BJP provoked a controversy by equating an old post of Saayoni Ghosh. Bengal BJP has claimed that Trinamool candidate Saayoni Ghosh has insulted Hinduism.

Bengal BJP tweeted, "Two days after Maha Shivratri, Mamata Banerjee announced Saayoni Ghosh as Trinamool's candidate from Jadavpur. Who hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus by posting ugly posts about Lord Shiva. Recently Mamata Banerjee to defend her anti-Hindu image. He declared Ram Navami as a public holiday before the elections. This is just an attempt to hide his anti-Hindu mask, he is anti-Hindu and his candidate is also anti-Hindu". It should be noted that Trinamool candidate Mimi Chakraborty won huge votes in Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency in the last Lok Sabha elections. However, Trinamool did not nominate him from Jadavpur this time. Instead, Saayoni Ghosh has been nominated as Trinamool's candidate in Jadavpur. And it remains to be seen whether Saayoni Ghosh's past controversial posts can thwart Trinamool's hopes of winning this seat.