TMC leader Santanu Sen criticizes CBI's perceived alignment with BJP

TMC leader Santanu Sen criticizes CBI's perceived alignment with BJP, welcomes Supreme Court's recognition in case against investigations in states without consent, emphasizing victory for federalism and constitutional rights.

Sumit Kumar
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TMC leader Santanu Sen

By A Staff Reporter

TMC leader Santanu Sen criticized the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), alleging its alignment with the BJP and political utilization in opposition-ruled states for BJP's benefit.

"The CBI, formed in 1963, has proven itself as the most trusted political wing of BJP. It is specifically utilized in opposition-ruled states to gain political advantage," Sen stated. He highlighted West Bengal's withdrawal of general consent for CBI in 2018, noting similar actions by other states like Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

"Despite withdrawing general consent, CBI continued registering cases and conducting investigations, prompting our state to approach the Supreme Court," Sen added. He welcomed the Supreme Court's recognition, describing it not only as a victory for Mamata Banerjee's TMC government but also for the Indian constitution, federalism, parliamentary democracy, and individual states' rights.