The Bengal Safari Authority took summer special measures for animals

Animals and birds are suffering from intense heat. The Bengal Safari Authority took special measures for them.

Shroddha Bhattacharyya
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By a staff reporter: South Bengal is burning in intense heat. Temperatures are also increasing in North Bengal. The temperature in Siliguri has already exceeded 35 degrees Celsius. In this situation, along with humans, the animals at Bengal Safari Zoo are in awe. Bengal Safari Authority took special measures thinking about them.

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ORS is being provided in all cages along with the provision of water required for feeding and bathing multiple times to ensure that the animals do not suffer from heat. Air coolers are provided in front and inside the animal cages. Ice is also being added to the water to keep it cool.

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Watermelon, apple, and banana are also added to their diet, and ORS and Vitamin C are given along with sufficient water. Special shelters have been arranged for animals and birds. According to sources, park workers and doctors are monitoring 24 hours to ensure that they do not have any problems in the summer. In case of power outages in the park during the summer, generators have been arranged.

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