Summer vacation period is going to decrease in the West Bengal!

Will the summer holidays be shorter because of the rain?

Shroddha Bhattacharyya
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By a staff reporter: Everyone was in a bad state in the heat of the summer. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, rain is expected in South Bengal this week itself. As a result, a large amount of water vapor has started entering into South Bengal. Due to this, the temperature in South Bengal has decreased quite a bit. In this situation, the question has arisen in various circles, including the student community, about whether the summer vacation period is going to decrease.


The West Bengal government has announced summer vacation in educational institutions from April 22 to save the students from the intense heat. The state government has taken this decision so that the students do not get sick in this intense heat. Also, teachers of various schools will be busy due to the elections. That is why the summer vacation has been announced until June 2.

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On the other hand, the Higher Secondary Education Council and Calcutta University have also issued notifications regarding summer vacation. Classes will be temporarily closed at Calcutta University from May 2 to May 11.

According to Meteorological Department sources, there is a possibility of rain across the state on Monday. But it is also known that even if it rains, there will be no escape from the heat. So the summer vacation period will remain as it was.

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