Harvard Professor Sugato Bose Calls for Climate Action at WBPCB Event

Sugato Bose, Harvard University professor, addressed the West Bengal Pollution Control Board's celebration of 50 years. Bose's speech emphasized the urgent need for climate justice, the historical significance of Bengal's rivers, and the importance of India-Bangladesh cooperation for environmental preservation.

Anusmita Bhattacharya
New Update

Kolkata: Professor Sugato Bose from Harvard University, the chief guest at the West Bengal Pollution Control Board's 50th year celebration event, addressed students and dignitaries with a powerful call to action on climate change and environmental preservation. His discourse resonated with the audience, emphasizing the imperative of collaborative efforts between India and Bangladesh to tackle environmental challenges. Sugato Bose's insights underscored the significance of the occasion, urging stakeholders to adopt proactive measures in safeguarding the region's ecological heritage.

Referencing historical and contemporary environmental contexts, Sugato Bose highlighted the interconnectedness of rivers, livelihoods, and sustainability. He emphasized the need for innovative solutions and cross-border cooperation to address the complex challenges facing the Gangetic Delta and the Bay of Bengal. Attendees left the event inspired by Sugato Bose's impassioned plea for collective action in preserving the environment for future generations.

The celebration served as a platform for dialogue and reflection on fifty years of environmental stewardship in West Bengal. Sugato Bose's contribution added depth and urgency to ongoing discussions, igniting a renewed sense of commitment towards sustainable development and ecological resilience in the region.