Storms with rain coming, beware now

There is a possibility of storm and rain in Purba Medinipur today. Be forewarned.

New Update

By a Staff Reporter: The impact of storms and rains has been increasing across the state for the past few days. Common people have to succumb to the force of nature. There is a possibility of storm and rain in East Medinipur of West Bengal again today. Today the sky is cloudy in East Medinipur since morning. It will start raining at 11 o'clock. Rain may be accompanied by gusty winds. Rain will continue till 2 pm. Then even if the rain stops, the sky will not be cloudless. The sky will clear by 8 pm. There is a chance of rain again during the night. Comfortable temperature will prevail in East Medinipur today. Today the minimum temperature will be 26 degrees Celsius in East Medinipur. Maximum temperature will be 35 degrees Celsius. Click on the link to get live weather updates.