Still stuck in the tunnel 41, the Prime Minister is taking news every moment on the phone

DRDO's robotics machine team reached the spot to rescue 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel. With the help of robotics machines, they will find specific rescue routes.

21 Nov 2023
New Update


BY A STAFF REPORTER: 10 days pass. 41 workers are still trapped in the tunnel. Efforts are being made to rescue them. Along with that, adequate food, drinking water and oxygen are being provided to them. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is continuously helping the rescue efforts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also inquiring on the phone. 

The chief representative tweeted his 'X' handle. He wrote,

" Hon'ble Mr


    Gee phoned again today at Nirman Sungair Institute in Silkya, Uttarkashi to understand monitoring control relief and rescue information. This occasion informs the Honorable Information about the 6 scope of practice discussions and building a pipeline to inform its members about the success and other content delivery. With endoscopic flexi strength, conversation with Shakti brothers and their knowledge is also informed to the honorable identity. Also said, to spread our language to take all the brothers to read. ''

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