West Bengal Pollution Control Board Celebrates 50 Years: Additional Chief Secretary Highlights Water Challenges

At the celebration of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board's 50th year, Additional Chief Secretary Prabhat Kumar Mishra addressed the state's water challenges despite its abundant resources.

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Kolkata : The West Bengal Pollution Control Board marked a significant milestone, celebrating its 50th year. IAS, Additional Chief Secretary of the Irrigation and Waterways Department, Prabhat Kumar Mishra, lauded the Board's achievements and reflected on his association with the organization.

"I am very happy that the West Bengal Pollution Control Board has completed 50 years, a very big milestone. I was somewhat associated with the Board in the past," Mishra stated. He then shifted focus to the state's water issues, highlighting that despite West Bengal's apparent abundance of water, the state faces significant water management challenges.

Mishra emphasized the importance of sustainable water management and the need for comprehensive policies to address these issues. He urged continued collaboration between various departments and the Pollution Control Board to ensure the protection and efficient use of water resources.

The event underscored the Board's pivotal role in maintaining environmental standards and promoting sustainable practices across the state.