PM Modi reviews the progress of rescue work

41 workers were trapped in a natural collapse while working on the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi. Among them are 3 Bengali workers. Modi has been active in their rescue work.

New Update


BY A STAFF REPORTER: For 10 days, 41 members of Suranga Itik in North Kashi. Government of Uttarakhand for providing all assistance for their rescue. "Agencies, engineers, technicians and permits are working on it," Chief Minister Pushkar Singhmi told reporters. Their efforts are now understood through the pipeline of women inches. We pray to God for a speedy rescue and ask for support from all of us. Collecting details daily and providing all kind of support to us. I have given all the details to the answer today. "

Chief Minister Cope added, “With the help of the EndoScope Flexi, students from Eastick were informed about the narrative and their health status. ' 

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