Dog’s day out with smugglers

Bsf has taken a new initiative to stop cattle smugglers on the Border between India and Bangladesh.

Aniruddha Chakraborty
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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Now dogs will catch cattle smugglers by the balls ! Border Security Force is introducing a dog squad to check cattle smuggling. Sources close to BSF headquarters in Delhi informed ANM News that a decision has been taken to introduce dogs after a spate of recent incidents where cattle smugglers from both Bangladesh and India attacked BSF personnel when they were challenged at the border. According to a senior BSF officer, dogs will be the first line of attack followed by armed BSF personnel. The dogs will be trained to sniff out the cattle and the smugglers in the dark when the illegal activities usually happen, the BSF officer said. Sources said director general of BSF, Nitin Agarwal recently held a high level meeting with senior officers where the introduction of dog squad along the border was discussed and finalised.