Lalit campaigns solo for himself

With a microphone in one hand and a poster in the other, independent candidate Lalit started a solo campaign for his party.

Shroddha Bhattacharyya
New Update

By a staff reporter: In the atmosphere of Lok Sabha polls, candidates of various parties are busy holding election rallies or meetings with huge crowds at different places. Row after row of people will gather, united voices will raise slogans in support of a particular party, and party flags will cover the surroundings. This is a very familiar image of the election campaign.


But the people of Maharashtra have witnessed a different election campaign this time. Independent candidate for Jalgaon Lok Sabha seat, Lalit, alias Bunty Sharma, is campaigning solo for his party.


A small microphone in one hand and a placard in the other. By the way, he is standing in the middle of the road with this equipment and asking for votes for himself. Watch the election campaign video-

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