Anirban vs Saayoni! Jadavpur braces for a tough fight!

This time, veteran BJP leader Dr. Anirban Ganguly and Trinamool's star candidate Saayoni Ghosh are facing each other in the political arena. Anirban Ganguly and Sayani Ghosh are candidates of two parties from Jadavpur constituency.

Shroddha Bhattacharyya
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By A Staff Reporter: Will Anirban Ganguly be able to pip TMC's Sayoni Ghosh to the post? Can Sayoni retain the party's bastion? 


Jadavpur is set to witness a see saw political battle with BJP think tank leader and a gentleman in politics, Anirban Ganguly vying for honours with TMC youth wing leader and former actress Sayoni Ghosh. The Jadavour parliamentary constituency consists of seven assembly segments where TMC dominates the six of the them with their party legislators winning by good margin while ISF won in Bhangar popular Tollywood actress Mimi Chakraborty won by an handsome margin of about 3 lakh votes against Anupam Hazra of the BJP.


Incidentally, Sujan Chakraborty of CPM secured 3,02,264 votes, about ninety thousand less than the BJP candidate. The areas of the constituency mostly on the southern fringes of the city has seen rapid real estate growth over the last one decade. According to local populace, law and order is an issue in Baruipur purba and Baruipur Paschim, although both are represented by TMC heavyweights. Sonapur Uttar and Sonarpur Dakshin has two women leguslators, considered political green horn. 


The husband of TMC legislator of Sonarpur Dakshin is an IPS officer currently posted in Kolkata police. Jadavpur, Bhangar and Tollygunge assembly constituencies are the three segments which fall within Kolkata. ANM News travelled through the constituency in an effort to gauge the mood of the people. Although these are early days, but it promises to be a tough three way fight with none still emerging as a clear winner.

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