MIC, Ghulam Rabbani marks the 50-year milestone of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Ghulam Rabbani, Minister in Charge, addresses the 50-year milestone of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board, emphasizing significant achievements and future goals for environmental sustainability.

Anusmita Bhattacharya
New Update

Kolkata: The West Bengal Pollution Control Board celebrated its 50-year milestone with Minister in Charge Ghulam Rabbani highlighting its achievements and future initiatives.

Ghulam Rabbani emphasized the Board's commitment to environmental preservation under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s leadership, praising her vision for a cleaner, greener West Bengal.

Ghulam Rabbani noted the Board's extensive air quality monitoring network, the largest in India, with real-time data systems for air and noise quality.

He detailed collaborations with the Transport Department to deploy advanced remote sensing devices for real-time emission measurement, and the establishment of an Integrated Command and Control Center for noise and air monitoring.

Ghulam Rabbani announced the release of four coffee table books documenting the Board's 50-year journey and achievements, aimed at inspiring further environmental action. He also presented the 2022-23 annual report, highlighting the Board’s dedication over the decades.

Concluding his remarks, Ghulam Rabbani stressed that justice to the environment means justice to the people, underscoring the link between human health and environmental well-being. He affirmed the Board’s commitment to promoting sustainable living through the Mission Life Program and other initiatives.