Flight operations resume at Kolkata Airport amid chaos and confusion

Cyclone Remal continued last night. Flight operations at Kolkata airport have resumed after a 21-hour suspension.

Probha Rani Das
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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Although flight operations resumed at the Kolkata Airport, but it was complete chaos and confusion. A large number of passengers whose flights were cancelled owing to cyclone Remal, crowded around the airline counter urging for a priority booking after resumption.

All flights have been suspended at the Tribhuvan International Airport

There were passengers who had already booked on today's flights and it gave rise to chaotic scenes at the airport. Many complained that they missed connecting flights because of the cancellations.

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ANM News witnessed severe arguments and confusion prevailing at the airport and spoke to the airport director C Pattabhi. ``We have just started operations. The airline operators will be able to clear the chaotic scenario. I assume that situation will normalise by the evening,'' he said. Kolkata Airport authorities had shut down operations from 12 noon on Sunday May 26 till 9 AM on May 27 because of cyclone Remal.