Dr. Kalyan Rudra Highlights Water Challenges at West Bengal Pollution Control Board's 50th Year Celebration

Environmental experts and officials, including Chairman Dr Kalyan Rudra, gathered to discuss innovative solutions to combat pollution and address water challenges at the West Bengal Pollution Control Board's 50th-year celebration.

Anusmita Bhattacharya
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Kolkata: The West Bengal Pollution Control Board celebrated its 50th year with a detailed discussion among environmental experts and officials on innovative solutions to combat pollution. The event featured insights from several key speakers, including Dr. Kalyan Rudra, Chairman of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board.

"We who live in West Bengal understand what a water crisis is," Dr. Kalyan Rudra remarked. Addressing the issues of flood and drought, he added, "Drought control is always a tough challenge for the central government. Just as there is a science of water, there is politics and economics. The challenge for water distribution systems in the post-independence era is to conserve monsoon water and use it for the dry season. If a place receives 26% less than the average rainfall, we call it drought."

Dr. Rudra's comments highlighted the intricate balance between managing water resources and the broader implications for policy and economics. The event underscored the necessity of sustainable water management practices to mitigate the impacts of climate variability and ensure water availability throughout the year.