Crisis situation in Gaza, talks at the United Nations

Economic disaster is descending on Gaza. Running out of fuel. Common people have to face difficulties again.

21 Nov 2023
New Update

BY A STAFF REPORTER: The situation in Gaza is deplorable. The whole world is worried about this today. Various discussions are going on in the United Nations about this situation. In this context India's Permanent Representative, Ruchira Kamboj said in a speech at the UNGA (UNGA), "India welcomes all efforts of the international community, which progressively de-escalate the conflict." Humanitarian aid is urgently needed for the people of Palestine. The message from our world leaders is clear and consistent. We strongly oppose terrorism. Clearly there is a need to ensure that parties are against violence and adhere to international humanitarian law. so that tensions are averted and all hostages are released unconditionally. "

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