CBSE Sahodaya School Complex- Kolkata organised the prestigious Sahodaya Principals’ Meet 2024

Anusmita Bhattacharya
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By a staff reporter: On 22nd June 2024, CBSE Sahodaya School Complex- Kolkata organised the prestigious Sahodaya Principals’ Meet 2024. This time, the host school was Bhavan’s Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir. This meet was an amalgamation of ideas, exchange of thoughts, and enlightenment towards the holistic development and monitoring of the future citizens of this country. The esteemed guests, Dr. Biswajit Saha, Director, Training and Skill Education, CBSE New Delhi and Swami Dr. Kamalasthanda Ji, Maharaj, Principal, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College, Rahara, Kolkata graced the event with their presence. The primary aim of this meet was to discuss on NCrF- National Credit Framework with Dr. Saha.

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The day started with a brief cultural programme, where the students of the secondary wing of BGKV presented the Guruvandana, followed by a Rabindra Sangeet. This was followed by a wonderful devotional dance performance staged by the students of the primary wing. After this, the dignitaries were called to light the ceremonial lamp, followed by the welcome address by the principal of the host school, Mr. Arun Kumar Dasgupta.  He warmly welcomed all the dignitaries and the principals of different schools. He then briefly talked about the importance of NEP 2020 and how NCrF being an important component of NEP 2020, helps in the holistic development of every student.

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After the felicitations, Dr. Kamalasthanda Ji then illuminated everyone present with his valuable thoughts. He talked about the importance of school education and how a strong base developed at the early stage helps students embark on their journey to higher education. He highlighted the fact that how change is the only constant in our lives and therefore the need to constantly adapt ourselves to the new changes in order to continue to be relevant in this fast-progressing modern world. He threw light on the necessity of getting educated about AI and other modern technologies. He finished his speech by stating that in order to be good leaders and to be ready for the future, we must develop an integrated lifestyle where we can absorb new changes as and when required. 

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After this, Mr. Sarkar invited Dr. Biswajit Saha to the stage for his talk on NCrF- National Credit Framework.  Dr. Saha started his speech by addressing the important issue of the enormous gap between school education and higher education that students face every year and discussed how this gap can be bridged with certain structural changes. He discussed the important role that schools play in positive nation-building by enabling learners to start their ethical journey from the very beginning. Dr. Saha suggested that to implement NEP 2020 to its full potential, schools need to create a positive environment, where academic leaders must encourage all the other teachers to become leaders as well.

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He then discussed the key points of NCrF and various measures that schools need to take in order to implement the National Credit Framework. NCrF proposes credit-based learning depending on the time of the teaching-learning process and the learning outcomes. According to NCrF, the total notional learning hours for assignment of credits across school education, higher education, and vocational education has been agreed to be 1200 hrs/ academic year, for which the learners will be awarded 40 credits. He stated that for credit calculations under the National Credit Framework (NCrF), 30 notional learning hours will be counted as one Credit. The students may opt for additional courses to earn additional credit points.

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Dr. Saha’s detailed and educative discussion was followed by an engaging question-answer session. This highly enriching session ended with a group photograph and the National Anthem. This was indeed a learning opportunity for everyone present where the principals from different schools shared their experiences and ideas with one motive in mind- a better future for the young nation builders of our country.

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