BJP MP Saumitra Khan criticizes violence against women in West Bengal

BJP MP Saumitra Khan condemns incidents of women being beaten in Chopra and Cooch Behar by TMC members, highlighting concerns over safety and political tensions in West Bengal.

Sumit Kumar
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BJP MP Saumitra Khan

By A Staff Reporter

BJP MP Saumitra Khan has voiced strong condemnation over recent incidents in Chopra and Cooch Behar, West Bengal, where women were reportedly assaulted on the streets by a TMC leader. "In Chopra and Cooch Behar of West Bengal, women were beaten up on streets by a TMC leader, JCB who was aided by his MLA. He later said, 'Such incidents happen in a Muslim nation,'" Khan stated.

Khan's remarks underscored his outrage over the violence and the provocative remarks allegedly made by the TMC leader. "Tell me, is India a Muslim nation? Will West Bengal go with Bangladesh?" Khan questioned, highlighting the political and communal sensitivities involved in the incidents.

He further emphasized that he raised these issues in Parliament to draw national attention and address concerns over women's safety and political tensions in West Bengal.