BJP Candidate Alleges TMC Intimidation Ahead of Ranaghat Dakshin Election

BJP's Manoj Kumar Biswas claims voter enthusiasm but accuses TMC and administration of creating chaos and threatening voters to hinder a fair election in Ranaghat Dakshin, West Bengal.

Sumit Kumar
New Update

By A Staff Reporter

Nadia, West Bengal: Manoj Kumar Biswas, the BJP candidate for Ranaghat Dakshin, has voiced strong allegations against the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and local administration, accusing them of creating a hostile environment to disrupt the electoral process.

"Ranaghat Dakshin is BJP's area, proven time and again. There is tremendous enthusiasm among the voters. I am confident that in this election, voters will again make us win," Biswas stated. However, he raised concerns about the fairness of the election, alleging that TMC, supported by the administration and criminal personnel, is attempting to create chaos to prevent voters from reaching polling stations.

"They are threatening our voters and workers... Free and fair election is not possible in West Bengal because the government does not want it," Biswas added.