Big news: Panchayat polls when? What Abhishek said?

There is only one political question that is currently being discussed the most in the state. That is, when the panchayat vote? Is Abhishek's words hinted at this time?

02 Jun 2023
New Update

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By a Staff Reporter: Abhishek Banerjee is doing public relations in Nandigram. From there, he challenging Suvendu and said, "The trailer has arrived in Nandigram, the movie will come after 3 months". Then the question arises, What will he show in the movie after 3 months? will the panchayat election held after 3 months? But time will answer this question. Currently, Abhishek Banerjee has given a message to fight the elections unitedly against the BJP. He is optimistic about Trinamool's huge victory in Panchayat elections in Nandigram.