Enjoy Diwali with Doi Begun! here's the recipe

Doi Begun Recipe is a Bengali Style Eggplant Curd Gravy. Not much spices are added. You can eat it with rice or even fulkas or paratha on veg days.


By a staff reporter: First wash and cut the eggplant into thin round slices. Sprinkle little salt and turmeric powder over the pieces. Heat oil for frying. Deep fry the eggplant slices. Flip when you see that the bottom side is browned. Heat mustard oil in another pan. Now add cumin seeds on low heat. Add ginger and green chillies. You must stir a bit till the ginger is mellowed and the raw smell is not present. Add salt, sugar, turmeric and chilli powder and saute all. Add whisked yogurt and half cup of water. Cook on medium heat. Add the fried eggplants and cook for a minute. It's ready now.