Will You Go To Worship Jagannath In Rath Yatra? Then Keep These Five Things

What are the benefits of giving flowers in the worship of Jagannath Dev ?

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Rath Yatra next Sunday. Do you want to maintain Jagannathdev's grace towards you? Then keep these flowers in the pooja dali. These are Jagannathdev's favorite flowers.

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Priests say that tulsi leaves must be offered to Jagannath Dev during puja. He should give a garland of 108 tulsi leaves to Jagannathdev during the puja.

Apart from tulsi, one of Jagannathdev's favorite flowers is kadamba. Hence it is said that by offering this flower one gets the grace of Jagannathdev.

Along with Kadamba flowers, one of Tata's favorite flowers is the fragrant white rosary. You can also give him a rosary garland.

The fragrant flowers of Jagannath Dev are very popular. So jasmine can be offered as a fragrant flower.

If you want to garland Jagannathdev, you can give garland of marigold flowers.