On the eve of Ram Navami, know some interesting facts about Ramchandra!

Ram Navami will be celebrated across the country on April 17 this year. On the eve of Ram Navami, you will be surprised to know all these facts about Lord Shri Ram.

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: On the eve of Ram Navami, here are some lesser known facts about Lord Ram.

1. Rama did not attend Sita's swayamvara 

Although it is mentioned in Sri Ramcharitmanas, there is no mention of it in Valmiki's Ramayana. According to the Ramayana written by Valmiki, Rama and Lakshmana accompanied sage Vishwamitra to Mithila. It was Vishwamitra who ordered King Janak to show Ram the Shiva bow. Then Rama Shiva picked up the bow and broke it while tying his pratyacha. King Janak had promised to marry his daughter Sita to whoever picked up the bow. For this reason, Rama was married to Sita.


2. Why was Ravana killed by Rama?

When Ravana set out to conquer the world, he killed a powerful king of the Raghu clan, Anaranya. Ananya cursed Ravana that Ravana would die at the hands of a young man from the Raghu clan. That is why Ravana had to be killed by Rama.

3. How old were Rama and Sita at the time of marriage?

After 12 years of marriage, Rama was 25 years old and Sita was eighteen. Therefore, it is understood from the verses of Gana and Ramayana that Rama was 13 years old and Sita was 6 years old at the time of marriage.