Do You Know The Name Of Ram's Bow? Let's Find Out Some Facts

Hindu mythology mentions various powerful weapons. Ram's bow is one of them.

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: One of the divine weapons is Ram's bow. There are 5 divine bows mentioned in Hindu mythology. One of them is the divine bow of Rama. The name of this bow is 'Kodanda'. It is known from the Puranas that Indra's son Samudra himself was afraid of this bow.

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The word Kodanda, the bow of Rama, means made of bamboo. The other name of Rama for holding this bow is also Kodanda. This bow was inspired. According to the Puranas, this bow was five and a half cubits long and weighed 100 kilos. 

भगवान राम के बारें में तो सब जानते हैं लेकिन क्या आप उनके धनुष का नाम जानते  हैं - Kya Aap Jante Hai Bhagwan Ram Ke Dhanush Ka Naam

The specialty of the Kodanda bow is that the arrow of the Kodanda bow never failed. That is, the arrow that was released using this bow would return to the target. Naturally, such a bow aroused fear in everyone's mind.