Some of the written and unwritten rules of Bengalis in Poila Baishakh! You know what?

The whole Bengali society is ready to welcome the new year. And after a few days, everyone will be happy with the New Year.

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Thirteen festivals in the twelve months of Bengalis. And at the beginning of this festival comes the name of Poila Baishakh. Baishakh is the first month of Bengali month. So on the auspicious occasion of the New Year, Bengalis are happy with the new festival. Bengalis welcome the new year with fish and sweets. On this day, Bengalis follow some written and unwritten rules. For example, on this day, there will be fish and rosogolla in the Bengali house.


Because these two things are traditions of food-loving Bengalis. Banga women are dressed in white saris, red borders, jasmine flowers on the head, red tip on the forehead.

Lord Ganesha is worshipped in various shops and houses on this day. The most important thing is that in the new year, you have to wear new clothes. If you do not go to the shop after wearing new clothes in the afternoon of Baishakhi, the 1st Baishakh of Bengalis is not complete. In this way, in the known and unknown rules, maintaining their traditions, the whole Bengali nation welcomes the new year by forgetting the old memories.