Vijay Urges NEET Exemption, State Control Over Education

At a Chennai event, TVK chief Vijay criticized NEET, supported Tamil Nadu's resolution against it, and called on the Union Government to move education to the State List, respecting local sentiments.

Sumit Kumar
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TVK chief and actor Vijay

By A Staff Reporter

At a party event in Chennai, TVK chief and actor Vijay criticized the NEET examination, asserting, "People have lost faith in NEET. The nation doesn't need NEET. Exemption from NEET is the only solution." He supported the resolution passed in the Tamil Nadu State Assembly against NEET.

Vijay urged the Union Government to respect the sentiments of Tamil Nadu's people and transfer education from the Concurrent List to the State List. "Education should be brought under the State List from the Concurrent List," he stated.