Upendra Kushwaha Praises PM Modi's Vision Following Third Term Victory

Rashtriya Lok Morcha chief Upendra Kushwaha lauds Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership and vision after Modi's historic third term victory, foreseeing development for India and Bihar.

Sumit Kumar
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Upendra Kushwaha dismissed speculations of joining BJP

Delhi: Rashtriya Lok Morcha chief Upendra Kushwaha has extended his congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has secured a historic third term in office. "Narendra Modi is going to be the prime minister for the third time. Our best wishes to him," Kushwaha stated, emphasizing Modi's commitment to making India a developed nation.

Kushwaha highlighted that the development of the country would directly benefit states like Bihar, saying, "If the country becomes a developed nation, then Bihar will also be a developed state." He praised the government's alliance structure, noting, "It is a government of alliances. It is not that anyone is dependent on anyone. The government will run with everyone's coordination. This is not happening for the first time."

Dismissing any concerns about potential issues within the government, Kushwaha pointed out that all involved parties are experienced and committed to development. "There is not going to be any issue. Everyone is experienced and wants development," he assured.

Lauding the prime minister's approach, he added, "The PM is a man of vision and he runs the government with a vision." Kushwaha's remarks underscore the confidence and support within the coalition for Modi's leadership and developmental agenda.