STEMS Bus shed at Malki Point

STEMS Bus shed at Malki Point is a project funded by Plannng Department and execution is done by the PWD.


By a Staff Reporter: The Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh, visited the under-construction STEMS Bus shed at Malki Point on the 13th of September 2023. The project is being funded by Plannng Department and is being executed by the PWD, with a component contribution of the MLA scheme. 

This is intervention is a part of an effort to improve the public transportation infrastructure. 


The Bus Shed is expected to bring numerous advantages to the community, including:

•    Providing shelter from various weather conditions such as rain and extreme heat

•    Making waiting for a bus more comfortable and convenient for passengers

•    Ensuring the safety of passengers by keeping them away from the road and traffic

•    Ensuring accessibility to individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity

•    Making public transportation available to all members of the community, improving overall mobility

. Accommodate & house hawkers currently engaged around the bus stop

. Proving well lit bus stop with drinking water facility


Overall, this project seems to be a valuable addition to the area, addressing the needs of the community and enhancing the public transportation infrastructure.