Shashi Tharoor Backs Rahul Gandhi's Critique of BJP in Lok Sabha

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor supports Rahul Gandhi's Lok Sabha speech, agreeing that some BJP members misuse Hindutva to spread hate despite identifying as Hindus.

Sumit Kumar
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By A Staff Reporter

In a recent Lok Sabha session, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor voiced support for Rahul Gandhi's speech, wherein Gandhi criticized certain BJP members for spreading hate under the guise of Hindutva. Tharoor stated, "Rahul Gandhi said there are Hindus in the BJP who despite calling themselves a Hindu spread hate. This is totally true... They (BJP) are misusing the name of Hindutva."

Tharoor's remarks align with Rahul Gandhi's allegations, highlighting the Congress party's stance on the BJP's approach to Hindutva and the perceived spread of divisive rhetoric.