Satish Punia Confident of BJP Victory in Upcoming Haryana Elections

BJP Haryana Incharge Dr. Satish Punia expresses confidence in winning the upcoming Haryana Assembly Elections, citing strong ground presence and unity within the party, while describing Congress as scattered and weak.

Sumit Kumar
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Satish Punia

By A Staff Reporter

Jaipur, Rajasthan: As the Haryana Assembly Elections approach, BJP Haryana Incharge Dr. Satish Punia has expressed strong confidence in his party's prospects. Addressing party workers, Punia highlighted BJP's solid performance and unity, despite winning only five seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

"Though we won only five seats in Haryana in the Lok Sabha elections, if we do a seat-to-seat analysis, we were way ahead of Congress in Vidhan Sabha segments," Punia stated. He pointed out the disarray within the Congress party, contrasting it with the BJP's strong and united front on the ground.

Punia assured that the BJP is well-prepared and positioned to form a majority government in Haryana, emphasizing the party's organizational strength and strategic planning. "Scattered Congress is not a challenge for us... We will form a majority government in Haryana," he asserted.