Relative of Constable Involved in Kangana Ranaut Incident Speaks Out

Sher Singh Mahiwal, relative of CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur, comments on the altercation with Kangana Ranaut, citing disagreement over security protocol and Ranaut's controversial remarks about farmers

Sumit Kumar
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 Kangana Ranaut

By A Staff Reporter: Sher Singh Mahiwal, a relative of CISF woman constable Kulwinder Kaur involved in the altercation with actor and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut, sheds light on the incident. According to Mahiwal, the dispute arose over Ranaut's refusal to comply with security protocols, leading to a confrontation. Mahiwal also references Ranaut's controversial remarks about farmers and women, suggesting a potential motive for the altercation. He calls for a thorough investigation into the incident, highlighting the need for clarity and accountability.

Mahiwal's statement underscores the broader context surrounding the incident and the contentious atmosphere surrounding Ranaut's public statements. The altercation has sparked debate about the responsibilities of public figures and the rights of security personnel to enforce protocol.