Rahul Gandhi Urges PM to Visit Manipur Amid Crisis

In Imphal, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi calls on PM Modi to visit Manipur, urging him to listen to the people's concerns amid the ongoing crisis, emphasizing the state's importance to the Indian Union.

Sumit Kumar
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By A Staff Reporter

Imphal, Manipur: Lok Sabha Leader of Opposition and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Manipur, emphasizing the need for the PM to listen to the people's concerns amidst the ongoing crisis.

"I feel that it is important that the Prime Minister come here, listen to the people of Manipur, try & understand what is going on in Manipur. After all, Manipur is a proud state of the Indian Union," said Gandhi.

He further stressed that even in the absence of a tragedy, the Prime Minister should make a visit to Manipur. "In this huge tragedy, I request the Prime Minister to take 1-2 days of his time and just come and listen to the people of Manipur. It will comfort the people of Manipur," he added.