Rahul Gandhi Criticizes Ayodhya Land Issues and Ram Temple Inauguration

In Ahmedabad, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi addressed party workers, criticizing the Ayodhya airport land acquisition and the exclusion of locals from the Ram Temple inauguration, stating INDIA Alliance has defeated the Advani-led movement in Ayodhya.

Sumit Kumar
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By A Staff Reporter

Ahmedabad, Gujarat | Addressing party workers, Congress MP and Lok Sabha Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi spoke on recent developments in Ayodhya. He criticized the displacement of farmers due to the construction of the Ayodhya airport, highlighting the loss of their land.

Rahul Gandhi also expressed the discontent of Ayodhya residents who were not invited to the inauguration of the Ram Temple, an event of significant local importance. He pointed out the irony in the movement initiated by Advani Ji, which had Ayodhya at its center, stating that the INDIA Alliance has ultimately defeated this movement in Ayodhya.