PCB clamps down on noise, but police....

The  state Pollution Control Board (PCB) has declared war noise.



BY A STAFF REPORTER: The  state Pollution Control Board (PCB) has declared war noise. In probably a first in the country, PCB has procured and is using 165 ambience noise monitoring systems, an extremely high tech noise level sampling device.  According to a highly placed PCB source, the ambience noise monitoring system to identify the violators. ``We will hand the violators over to the police and they will take action,'' a senior official of PCB said. Sources claimed that PCB has also distributed 2000 sound level meters to all police stations in the state.


``Every police station has one sound meter,'' the official added. ``We will be procuring 1000 more within October,'' he added. What is the police doing with the devices? Why is there so much noise on the streets, with many complaining that the level is much above the prescribed limit ? How many violators have been prosecuted by the cops so far? Has anybody seen any policemen using the device on the street? These are million dollar questions waiting to be answered.