Parameshwara: Karnataka to Introduce Policies for Easier Access to Justice

Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara announces new state policies to simplify legal procedures and improve access to justice for the common man, aligning with national laws.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
G Parameshwara

By A Staff Reporter

In Bengaluru, Karnataka Home Minister and Congress leader G Parameshwara announced forthcoming state policies aimed at simplifying legal procedures and ensuring easier access to justice for the common man. "Our Law Minister has been trying to bring in some new policies in the state wherein the justice will be available to the common man easily," Parameshwara stated.

He assured that there are no contradictions between these new state policies and the recently enacted national laws, emphasizing that the procedural adjustments would make legal processes more accessible. "Some support to a common man in terms of the legal procedure so that one can get justice," he added, highlighting the government's commitment to legal reforms for the benefit of its citizens.