big question arises about the realm outside this huge sphere.

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By Surya Prakash Kapoor, Independent scientist and Vedic scholar: Space agencies like NASA, ESA, and ISRO are incessantly exploring the physical space of the universe. Although very large but universe is not infinite in size. Our universe is 93 billion light years across (diameter). Big question arises about the realm outside this huge sphere.

Unfortunately, all physical instruments of modern scientists have limitations to explore the metaphysical space outside this huge sphere. Interestingly vedic science does not have this limitation and successfully discussed about this eternal Realm called PARAM VYOM in Vedas. In vedic science space is call VYOM and metaphysical space is called PARAM VYOM. PARAM VYOM a realm outside the universe metaphysical space.

Life of our universe although very long is not infinite but this eternal realm PARAM VYOM is not perishable like our universe. Creation and annihilation of physical universe is a repetitive and periodical phenomenon but PARAM VYOM being permanent in nature is neither created nor destroyed like our native universe.

Clairvoyance is the tool which is resorted to outreach events that are distant in time and space. Rishika Vak has stated in Devi Suktam about Control of Nuclear fusion in the Core of Sun and that of Nuclear fission in the core of Earth from PARAM VYOM. Rishi Atharva has further clarified in 8th mantra of Bhumi Sukta of Atharva Ved.

Yasya Hirdyam Parme Vyoman Satyen Aavratam Amritam Prithviyah. Oh Earth Your Heart Beat (E.C.G.) is Controlled From Amritam Located in PARAM VYOM and Obscured by Satyen (Divine Light/OM Prakash/Braham Jyoti).

In Nasdiya Sukta Rishi has addressed controller Amritam as Adhyaksh (President). Master server of the physical universe presently being explored by space agencies like N.A.S.A/ E.S.A/ C.S.A/ I.S.R.O etc. Going one step further Rishi has dared to describe the scenario before creation of our native physical universe. Likewise in Purush Sukta Rishi has dubbed our native physical universe as one fraction of the complete infinite setup (Comprising Infinite Metaphysical Space).  

In Ganapati Sukta our native physical universe has been designated as the stomach of God. Here lies the Supremacy of this Metaphysical Space over Physical Space. In other words here lies the Supremacy of Vedic Science over Modern Science.

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