Om Birla Praises PM Modi's Leadership

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla highlights PM Modi's third term, praising investment growth and the importance of collaborative governance. He underscores the Lok Sabha's role in democracy and fulfilling regional aspirations.

Sumit Kumar
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Om Birla

By A Staff Reporter

Bundi, Rajasthan | Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla expressed confidence in India's continued progress under PM Modi's third term, emphasizing the importance of state and central government collaboration.

Birla highlighted the influx of investment in both private and public sectors, noting its positive impact on the nation's development. "In this third term of PM Modi, I think the country will establish newer achievements," he stated.

He also underscored the significance of the Lok Sabha as a "temple of democracy" and a center of public trust. Birla explained the commitment to running parliament sessions late into the night to ensure all elected representatives have the opportunity to voice their regional aspirations and contribute to collective progress.