Minister Atishi Prepares for Potential Floods Amid Rain Preparations

Delhi Water Minister Atishi assures readiness for potential floods, highlighting preparations following last year's record water levels, particularly in vulnerable areas like Yamuna Bazar.

Sumit Kumar
New Update

By A Staff Reporter

Delhi: Water Minister Atishi emphasized Delhi's proactive measures to handle potential flood situations amid ongoing preparations for the rainy season.

"Last year, Delhi experienced its highest water levels in 40 years. This year, we are already preparing for any flood situation that may arise due to rain," Atishi stated. She highlighted Yamuna Bazar as Delhi's most vulnerable area, which was the first to flood last year.

Accompanied by officials from the Revenue Department and Irrigation and Flood Department, Atishi visited the area to assess preparations and ensure readiness. "The Delhi government is fully prepared to respond swiftly to any flood emergencies, even on short notice," she added.