Manoj Tiwari Accuses Rahul Gandhi of Misinformation in Parliament

Delhi BJP MP Manoj Tiwari criticizes Rahul Gandhi for allegedly spreading fake information in Parliament, asserting that ministers exposed his falsehoods and that it's standard procedure to expunge such statements.

Sumit Kumar
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Manoj Tiwari

By A Staff Reporter

Delhi BJP MP Manoj Tiwari has accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of disseminating false information during a recent Parliamentary session. "Parliament is not a place to spread fake information or mislead the public. Rahul Gandhi had a lot of fake information in the Parliament yesterday," Tiwari stated.

He added that concerned ministers promptly exposed Gandhi's inaccuracies. "It is a part of the procedure to expunge from records the lies told on the floor of the House," Tiwari emphasized, defending the removal of misleading statements from official records.