Manipur on fire…still.. but Biren won’t resign

The situation in Manipur is still turbulent. In this situation, there is a question about the resignation of the Chief Minister of Manipur.

24 May 2023
Manipur on fire…still.. but Biren won’t resign

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By A Staff Reporter: Manipur is on the boil. Once again. The N Biren Singh government has completely failed to control law and order with intermittent gun fire and clashes continuing between the Kukis and Meiteis. According to local residents, several houses including those of legislators and political leaders were allegedly burned in Bishenpur. Locals also mentioned that surrendered militants who were supposed to have laid down arms and again started to brandish them openly in the streets of Manipur. But despite the state machinery losing complete control, chief minister refuses to resign. His cabinet colleagues have lost faith in his leadership. Locals told ANM News that only way for peace process to move forward to for Biren Singh to step down so that new incumbent can take over and push hard decisions.