Manipur Congress President Urges PM to Visit as Rahul Gandhi Tours Jiribam

Manipur Congress President Keisham Meghachandra highlights Rahul Gandhi's visit to Jiribam, emphasizing local support and urging Prime Minister Modi to visit Manipur for resolving ongoing issues.

Sumit Kumar
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Manipur Congress President Keisham Meghachandra

By A Staff Reporter

Manipur: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi visited the Jiribam district early this morning, where he interacted with the local community, listening to their concerns and expressions of pain. The visit was well-received by the residents, according to Manipur Congress President Keisham Meghachandra.

"Rahul Gandhi loves the people of Manipur," Meghachandra said. "We demand the Prime Minister to visit Manipur so that some solution can be found. His silence will not bring any solution to Manipur."

Meghachandra emphasized the importance of Prime Minister Modi's presence in addressing and resolving the ongoing issues in the region, suggesting that an active engagement could lead to much-needed solutions.