Kiren Rijiju Criticizes Rahul Gandhi's Conduct in Parliament

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju criticizes Rahul Gandhi for flouting parliamentary decorum and emphasizes the importance of respecting PM Modi's leadership after the NDA meeting.

Sumit Kumar
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By A Staff Reporter

Following the NDA Parliamentary party meeting, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju addressed media concerns, emphasizing the significance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership. "I believe that when the PM of the country speaks, everyone - not just MPs - should take it seriously because he is the Prime Minister of the country. Great people of the country have made PM Modi the Prime Minister for the third consecutive term historically," Rijiju stated.

Rijiju also criticized the conduct of Leader of the Opposition Rahul Gandhi during recent parliamentary proceedings. "The manner in which LoP Rahul Gandhi behaved yesterday, turned his back towards the Speaker, spoke out of rules and insulted the Speaker is something that people of our party, the NDA should not do," he added.