Hema Malini Affirms 2024 Election Outcomes, Confirms Confidence in EVM

Hema Malini, BJP Mathura MP, acknowledges 2024 Lok Sabha election outcomes, urges acceptance, trusts EVMs. Reflects BJP's democratic values, embracing victories and setbacks.

Sumit Kumar
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Hema Malini

Delhi: In a recent statement, Hema Malini, the BJP's elected representative for the Mathura Lok Sabha seat, addressed the outcomes of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India. While speaking to the press, she acknowledged the diverse results, noting victories secured with substantial margins in some areas and losses in others. However, she emphasized the importance of accepting the electoral verdict gracefully.

Malini underlined the integrity of the electoral process by confirming her confidence in the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), asserting that they functioned properly during the elections. Her statement comes amidst ongoing discussions and debates regarding the efficacy and reliability of EVMs in the Indian electoral system.