Former Indian Footballer Urges Search for Next Striker

Prasanta Banerjee calls for India to consider future strikers for the national football team, suggesting Manvir Singh or Lallianzuala but noting they're not yet at Sunil Chhetri's level.

Sumit Kumar
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Prasanta Banerjee

By A Staff Reporter: Former India footballer Prasanta Banerjee advocates for India to start considering potential successors to Sunil Chhetri as the national team's striker. Banerjee suggests Manvir Singh or Lallianzuala (Chhangte) as potential candidates but highlights that they are not yet prepared to fill Chhetri's shoes.

Banerjee's remarks come amidst discussions about the future of Indian football and the need for a strong attacking lineup. With Sunil Chhetri's illustrious career nearing its twilight, there's a growing consensus within the football community about the necessity to groom new talent for the striker position. Banerjee's comments reflect this sentiment, urging Indian football authorities to focus on nurturing young talents who can eventually take up the mantle from Chhetri.

The former footballer's observations underscore the challenges and opportunities facing Indian football as it aims to elevate its status on the international stage. As India strives to improve its performance in global competitions, identifying and developing promising strikers will be crucial for the team's success in the years to come. Banerjee's call for forward-thinking in player development serves as a reminder of the long-term vision required to achieve sustained excellence in Indian football.