Delhi BJP MP Demands Apology from Rahul Gandhi

Delhi BJP MP Bansuri Swaraj criticizes Rahul Gandhi for his "irresponsible" statement, accusing him of appeasement politics and displaying an anti-Hindu mentality. She demands an apology from Gandhi for his remarks.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Bansuri Swaraj

By A Staff Reporter

During a BJP protest against Rahul Gandhi, Delhi BJP MP Bansuri Swaraj condemned the Leader of Opposition for making what she termed an "irresponsible statement." "Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi deliberately made an irresponsible statement. He should apologise for his statement. He made the statement to encourage appeasement politics and for this political gain," Swaraj asserted.

Swaraj accused Gandhi of exploiting religious sentiments for political advantage, stating, "When he sees vote bank politics, he goes on a temple run. But when he gives a speech in Parliament, his anti-Hindu and anti-Sanatan (Sanatan Dharma) mentality becomes visible."